I have a cat. Sort of.

At least, a cat lives in my house. In the basement to be specific.

Her name is Bella and she is the most timid little scaredy cat I’ve ever met in my life. For the first three days she was with me even the sound of the furnace kicking on was enough to send her running to the nearest hidey hole.

Bella loves to hide. She hides between the boxes of Christmas decorations and even behind the oil tank (although I’ve tried to encourage her not to do that).

Lest you worry about her well-being. Bella seems to like the basement. She can sit on top of the warm heating ducts and nobody bothers her down there. She has two cat beds, a little rug, a litter box and food and water.

But I worry that she’s lonely.

Sometimes she meows. It’s not a timid meow. It’s a carrying bellow that says, “I am here. Come find me.” When I hear that, I go downstairs and sit on her rug and pet her while she purrs.

I didn’t mean to get a cat. I only took her because my grandmother couldn’t safely care for her anymore.

I would love to bring Bella upstairs, but there’s a problem. My terrier dog Teddy. He sees Bella and thinks “Chase!”

He chases and Bella runs and when he catches her she doesn’t swat him across the face and send him whimpering. No. She’s a scaredy cat, so she just rolls over. Teddy is a terrier. You see the problem?

So for now, Bella lives in the basement and Teddy lives upstairs. It’s only fair. He was here first.

I think Bella would really like an owner who would let her sit on their lap in a cozy quiet room with no dogs or small children. If you know of someone who might be able to give Bella a good home. Please let me know. And please share this post, so we can find a home for Bella.

A green eyed cat