You can do the thing. I believe in you.

You know which thing I’m talking about. That thing you always wanted to do. That thing you daydream about. That thing you don’t mention to people because you’re afraid they’ll laugh or tell you how impossible and ridiculous it is.

That thing.

I know you can do it. Even if I’ve never met you. Even though I don’t know what your dream is. I know you can do it. And I hope you know it too.

How do I know? Because you are a human being. And as a human being, you have the ultimate superpower. The power to imagine a future that is better than today. A future in which all your wildest dreams come true.

If you can imagine that future, if you can really visualize yourself in that place. Then the distance between where you are now and where you want to be ceases to exist. Your future self and your current self stand side by side. They’re getting to know each other. And if you listen closely, your future self will tell you exactly what to do to get to where she is.

It doesn’t matter where you start from.

You might have negative dollars in your bank account. You might have parents who fight all the time. You might have never left your home state. You might have never met another human being who has done the thing you want to do.

But I promise, you can do the thing.

There’s a catch. Of course there’s a catch. Imagining is not enough. You have to actually go do something. Even if you’re not sure what the next right action is, do something, do anything. Inch a little closer to the thing.

So write those first words. Take that first step. Save that first dollar. Introduce yourself to that person.

Do it today. Do it right now.

You’ve got this.