Many of my readers have asked me: how are you going about launching a book during the pandemic. My first book launch was a party. About 60 people gathered at my local indie bookstore, The Briar Patch, to celebrate the launch of Nothing’s Ever Lost. We had snacks and a drawing. Did a reading, and hosted a Q&A. It was one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life. The readers seemed to really like it too. 

We’re all sad that Near-life Experience won’t get the same treatment. But never fear. We’re still having a party, even if we have to do it online. 

So for all you anxious readers who want to know what to expect, and all you writers who are wondering how to handle your own book launches, here’s how I’m launching a book during the pandemic. 

Part One: Online Ordering

My publishing house, Imperative Press Books, has added online ordering to their website. When the Book and Bonus Pack become available, readers can order directly from the Imperative Press website. That enables me to sign books and add customized inscriptions just as I would if you attended an in-person book launch. Orders will open on July 16 and we’ll start shipping on July 24. 

Part Two: Bonus Pack

To thank readers for their flexibility and make up for the lack of an in-person party, everyone who pre-orders a book gets a free digital download that includes exclusive content: Deleted scenes. An early draft. Activity pages. Only available for one week. Plus, an ebook copy of Near-Life Experience so you can start reading while you wait for your signed copy. Readers will be able to download the bonus pack as soon as they place their order. I’ll post another blog soon with a deep-dive into the bonus pack content. 

Part Three: Party

We’ll live stream a book party on July, 24 at 6:30 PM. We’ll do a reading, a Q&A, and a drawing for prizes. We’re hosting the party on Zoom but you don’t need a Zoom account to attend. RSVP here and we’ll send you all in the info. 

Part Four:  Follow Up

Everyone who orders the book will get an email within a few minutes containing download information for the ebook and bonus pack. We’ll start mailing physical books on July 24. You’ll get an email when your book ships. If you have questions in the meantime, just use the contact me link above. 

That’s it, my four-part plan for launching a book during the pandemic. Sign up for emails to get a reminder when the book is available for sale and get the launch party info in your inbox.