Find Your Local Indie Bookseller


The Briar Patch
27 Central Street
Bangor, ME
Owner: Gibran Graham
Highlights: Huge children’s and YA section, with forays into adult literature
Don’t Miss: THORN at The Briar Patch, a YA bookstore hiding inside the Briar Patch

71 Main Street
Bucksport, ME
Owner: Andrew Lacher
Highlights: New books, local books, periodicals, and FREE wi-fi
Don’t Miss: The bookstore cat and the “pretty good” coffee 

Sherman’s Maine Coast Bookshops
6 locations
Bar Harbor, Maine
Camden, ME
Damariscotta, ME
Boothbay Harbor, ME
Freeport, ME
Portland, ME
Owner: Jeff Curtis
Highlights: Six locations, the oldest bookstore in Maine
Don’t Miss: Joining the Frequent Buyer’s Club, get $10 off for every $100 you spend

Bogan Books
130 W Main St
Fort Kent, Maine
Owner: Heidi Carter
Highlights: The only indie bookshop north of Bangor!
Don’t Miss: Chatting with owner, Heidi. She knows everyone in town.


Root and Press Books
623 Chandler St
Worcester, MA
Owners: Nicole Cote and Rich Collins
Highlights: Books written by local and regional authors, focusing on issues of the moment and the area. 
Don’t Miss: The in-house cafe with locally roasted coffee (yum!)


Scrawl Books
11911 Freedom Drive
Reston, VA
Owner: Rachel Wood
Highlights: Books for children, teens and young adults in a welcoming space
Don’t Miss: Book clubs to match every reader