On the Bank of Oblivion

Caught between an invisible illness and a bitter goddess

When Owen first feels the tickle in his throat, he doesn’t think it’s a big deal. Everybody gets sick sometimes, right? The problem is, he never seems to get back to normal. With the threat of summer school hanging over his head and a new art project on his mind, he doesn’t want to think about what his symptoms might mean.

Avoiding the sneaking suspicion that something is wrong brings him to the bank of a mysterious river. There Lethe, the goddess of Oblivion, offers to take away all his bad feelings.

But a goddess is used to sacrifices.

Assembling Ella by Emma G Rose

Assembling Ella

Can you still have a future if you forget your past?

Senior year. For most high school students, it’s something to celebrate. For Ella, it’s a reminder of what she’s lost. A car accident cut short the life of her brother Jack before he made it that far. Now her fear of outgrowing her big brother is putting her at odds with everyone. And it’s stirring up some really terrible dreams.

No one seems to understand what Ella is going through, not her parents or her best friends, or her favorite art teacher. The only person on her side is PhiTau, and Ella doesn’t even know he exists. As a tender in the realm of the Dream Lord, PhiTau’s job is to take care of Ella’s dreams. But when he crosses the line from caring to meddling, he causes Ella to do what she fears most — forget.

To repair the broken pieces of Ella’s memory, PhiTau will need help from two gods and the only person who knows Ella better than he does.

Nothing's Ever Lost by Emma G Rose

Nothing’s Ever Lost

If you think the dead have nothing left to lose, you’re wrong.

When a trip to the beach plunges wildly off course, Jack and Anna find themselves on an adventure through the afterlife. It’s not the summer beach trip they’d hoped for, but there is a lot of sand. And at least they have each other…for now.

Still, nothing in the afterlife is quite what it seems. Danger lurks behind every art installation, telephone booth, and smiling face. If they just stick together they might be okay, but the secret Anna is carrying could blow their friendship apart—unless she makes an impossible choice.

Told with Rose’s signature wit, and filled with characters you’d want to be friends with—if they weren’t already dead—this unconventional adventure will lead you laughing through the afterlife.

Near-Life Experience by Emma G Rose

Near-Life Experience

If you think the dead have nothing left to lose, you’re wrong.

Eric just wants to do his job as an EMT. He’s mostly recovered from the freak accident that put him in the hospital. There’s just one thing still bothering him — the ghosts. At least, he thinks they’re ghosts. They only seem to show up when one of his patients is close to death.

In Eric’s case, “close to Death” is more than a figure of speech. The Reaper is not thrilled about Eric’s newfound abilities. Humans aren’t even supposed to see the souls of the nearly departed. They’re certainly not supposed to talk to them. Where did Eric get this inhuman power? Most importantly, can Death put a stop to it before bureaucracy gets involved?

If they don’t solve the mystery quickly Eric might not be the only one begging Death for help.

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