New Second Edition – Available April 30, 2021

New Second Edition

Available April 30, 2021

About Emma G. Rose

Emma G Rose is an author of contemporary fantasy about living in and through difficult situations. Her novels include Near-Life Experience (2020) and Nothings Ever Lost (2019). She believes stories can blaze a trail through the dark to show us the path back to life. What happens when you get there is up to you.

All of Emma’s novels are independently published through Imperative Press Books, the publishing house she runs from her hometown of Hampden, Maine. She loves working with indie booksellers, visiting schools, and recording the Indie Book Talk podcast.

Okay, enough writing about myself in the third person. Here’s the thing. I love connecting with readers. That’s the whole reason I do this. If you read one of my books, or are curious about indie publishing, or just think I seem cool and want to chat, don’t be shy. Come hang out with me on Facebook at Life Imperative or Instagram @life_imperative.  Or, you know, email me. I really do read my email and I really will write back.

I also speak at schools, universities, book clubs, and writing groups (virtually at the moment) and would LOVE to come to yours. So let’s connect already.

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Warning: If selfless, unconditional love from fuzzy creatures makes you go all weepy, you might want to grab the tissues for this one. But don’t worry, Death will be there to provide some comic relief. 

Cover of Pack Mortals by Emma G Rose

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