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I once had this shiny, clever “about me” page that told you a cute little story about how I’d always wanted to be a writer and now I am. Dreams really do come true. Then I realized that anyone who has clicked this far into my website might actually want to know about me as a person. You know…my favorite books, what I do for fun, deep, dark secrets, that sort of thing.

Let’s start with the deep, dark secret.

I have no idea what I’m doing. Really, every time I sit down to write I wonder how I can possibly turn ideas in my head into coherent stories. Every time it happens, I’m amazed. If it ever stops feeling like magic, I’ll probably stop doing it.

And now for some backstory

I grew up in Maine. Although my parents are from Massachusetts, Maine is in my bones. If Tiffany Aching is Land Under Wave, then I am Stone Under Pine. (If you don’t know who I’m talking about, stop reading this and go order a copy of Wee Free Men by Terry Pratchett.)

Of course, like any good hero (heroine?) I had to go away and back again before I realized what Maine means to me. Now, although I spend months of the year outside my home state, I always know where home is.

author Emma G Rose stands on a peak at Borestone Mountain

Why I write this stuff

Strip away the gods, myths, legends, magic swords, and disappearing candy wrappers, and my books are pretty much about death, grief and the meaning of life. Which begs the question…why? Why write this stuff?

Hang on, this requires more backstory. When I was 20 years old my youngest cousin died by suicide. He was funny, loving, handsome, adventurous…the kind of kid who would jump off the garage roof onto the trampoline to see if he could land in the pool. (True story.) When he left us, I found myself on a new adventure. It’s called Dealing with Grief and it seriously sucks.

I coped by writing. I built a fantasy world where he could live forever in my imagination. And you know, if you build it they will come. Once I’d created this parallel universe, suddenly all these people wanted to live there. They all had stories to tell and guess who gets volunteered to be everyone’s biographer…yeah.

Come hang out with me

At this point you might be thinking, okay, this girl is a few volumes short of an encyclopedia. That’s cool. Some people are perfectly comfortable in the real world and want to stay there. I prefer to keep my options open. If you’d like to be friends, or just want to keep an eye on me, come hang out on Facebook or Instagram @ImperativePress. I also spend way too much time on Twitter. You can join me @emmagwriter

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